Sex art saved me from depression

I had spent a full year fighting it

What you will find

I want to get a space with a maximum freedom and a chance to show what I really want to show without any trouble. My brothers and sisters in sexart will also submit their creations as posts in the blog. I will be very selective in the membership

What you won't find

It is not a social network, no chat, no dating, no like chasing. I don’t sell but you can support me via onlyfans

Sex is art

Each sexual experience lived in plain possession of conscience is a work of art. I try to reaffirm this in my pictures. I want to exacerbate the beauty and the liberation of energy brought by sophisticate representation of bodies and sexual acts.

Freedom is my creed

I want a maximum of freedom to show what I create. If you like my work you can support me via

It is not for every body

A confirmed interest and understanding of sexart is a prerequisite for membership.

THE Blog

Several posts in the blog will be restricted to members.

The open galleries

Sample of what I understand by sex art

I want to be cristal clear. This site is under my law and I want to keep it like this.

If your interests matches mine, I will register you manually.

But you have first to send me an email explaining your interests in sex art.

The address is art.sexpression24(at)